Quick Question about halloween


Hold your flags, this is hs related.

What should I be for Halloween?
Or atleast my profile pic.

Its for my profile pic!
Then close it


You should be a hotdog!


No for hopscotch :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be funny tho


You should make it this.


Noooo way I'm being that

It's to tomto


Be kagamine len


Be a ghost. Take a blanket or sheet and cut two holes for the eyes. Next step, put it over your head. Happy Halloween! (BTW this should be your last option.)


You can be the headless horseman
Edit one of your pics and remove your head.
Then place your headless body on top of a horse pic


Wait a second... I'm gonna be Link, so you should be Zelda!



Now I want to be link .-.

looks at super smash bros
uhhh dang it