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No, This Isn't About Tony's

Sorta. Kinda. Ish.

Making Tony's has been so fun for me that I am pondering something....

Should I Start Making More Disney Restaurants and/or Attractions?

Making Tony's has stopped my coding block and it is so much fun! In addition to that, my first EVER feature was a game based on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and that was super fun too!
Too much repetition, it's always good to make other things! Plus, eventually I'll get bored (maybe).

So...what do you say?

  • Yes! More of both!
  • Yes! More Restaurants!
  • Yes! More attractions!
  • No! Make other things!
  • I'm a troll :stuck_out_tongue:


Please reply with your reasoning. Thanks for all he support! Don't forget to check out Tony's Italian Restaurant, which comes out on March 10!


Okay, I picked "Yes! More of both!" because you should always try new things.


I love the idea! Maybe you could do the really cool space ride. (I forgot what it is called)


Space mountain? I've already started :wink:


I just heard of space mountain today!


Speaking of Tony's...

spoiler alert...


Do anything you want just contact me if you need advertising


that game seems fun


More attractions, or even a Hopscotch Park!
(I put in "I'm a troll")


We all have our Vicious voters...:stuck_out_tongue: