Quick message please read


Hey like I said just a quick one tommorrow SEPTEMBER the 26TH FROM the morning till about 10 o'clock I will be out shopping at one of the biggest shopping centres in the U.K. Therefore I won't b on so yep thanks gtg might not be on till wednesday probs as I'll be too tired so yeah a bit of intactivity



Maybe didn't require a whole neu Topik...


Don't you have school though lol


This doesn't really need a whole topic :upside_down:


Oh well................


I don't go to school.....I'm home ed


Yep ok going now gais c ya on Tuesday or Wednesday bye


Bai gotta run mums coming can't see me on my iPad bai guys
I'm going here....




That's a pretty big place!!


You don't have to make a whole new topic for this. After all,it's only a day not a week...
And pls delete the pic,it shows the shopping mall's name. People can track you down ya know


It's ok it's far away from my house and I'm only aloud on briefly this was saying for 2 days maybe gtg shudnt b on here


that's personal info

someone could stalk you there

js bro


I'm baaaaaaaaack don't worry know one found me plus they couldn't have theydont know what I look like and that place is miles and miles from my home


there was a chance that someone could have stalked you lol

i'm glad you're safe


Don't be silly they didn't know where it was there's loads of places called that in my country I knew I was safe:) plus I was with lots of family never left alone