Quick Easter Game Collab!


I have a WIP Easter game, where you are the Easter bunny and you have to pack the eggs and hide them for the kids! The problem is, I would love to finish by when you would wake up, so can someone help me? I will post the link soon. :smile:


Well what time?


About 6-8 hours from now. :smile:


Soo like 8:00 PST?


The thing is, it is like 1:30 in the morning right now.


I think, I am so bad with time zones. :joy:


PST is 3 hours earlier fhan EST
EST is in the eastern part of the US


And I think the time zone in places close to Chicago (can't remember the name) is 1-2 hours earlier than EST... (Turning midnight gotta go!)


Well, I fell asleep, so I will finish this fast. Can anyone help me?


Just woke up :sweat_smile:


Lol same. Can you help? (I am at a friends house right now, so I will speed code the first part, and maybe you could do the second?




Ok. I will tag you and explain what to do, and give the link when I am done with the first part.

"stand by, soldier"


Could I help by any chance, if there is anything I could do!


Ok :smiley:


Easter just ended for me :cry:


Oh... Well I hope you had a fun Easter!


LOTS OF CHOCOLATE, YUM!!! :yum: :yum: :yum:


I Have A Scented Jelly Belly Pillow!



Ok lets get back on topic...