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Okay, so I have an account on account on hopscotch called HimynameisMeredith (you probably don't know it lol) but I just uploaded my last project.

I made a new account. You know when your just sitting and class, and then you think, "Hey, I need to start off fresh" So I made a new account called MereBearie (I also forgot the password to my account anyways) soo yeah.

Meaning behind my name

My mom used to call me "MereBear" when I was little so I wanted to that to be my name, but that was already taken so I named my account MereBearie.

This topic is random lol. (What category? Help with code? I guess.)


Cool! Mere bear is a cool nick name!!!
first lol


Thanks! I always thought it was kinda weird but I guess it's not?


"MereBear" is a cool name!:grinning:

  • Just so you know, if you forget your Hopscotch password, just log out of that account. When you log out, you will be taken to a page where it has two options. The first option is to create an account. The second option is, ' I already have an account". Hit the seconded option and it will take you to .the sign- in page, just hit "I forgot my password'', located under the the part that is labeled 'Password'. Once you've tapped on 'I forgot my password', it'll take you to another page to enter you're email. Once you enter you're email, you can change your password and go on that account again!:grinning:

  • When I don't think any of my topics fit in the category's, I just put it in "Help With Code".:laughing:


When I tried to put my email in, it didn't work. So I emailed THT yesterday
But now it's Saturday so I cant email them :grimacing:


Try emailing them on Monday or on a weekday.:slight_smile:


Yeah I will :blush:


I know what you mean. I did the same thing at the beginning of the school year.