Quick Announcement!


Hello ladies and gents!

This is about DevienArt.

I'm going to ask my gaurdian/parents if I can get a DevienArt account.

When I get something so I can make art, I will be drawing many things featuring HOPSCOTCH.

So, if you have a DevienArt, you can look for me!

My username will be NightcoreStudios.

That's all really. just wanted to tell ya all that. For some reason

Please don't get mad if this isn't exactly related to HOPSCOTCH, I just need to say this on the FORUM because my HOPSCOTCH is being really slow.

Thanks for reading!


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That's awesome, but what's DevianArt?


It's a website where people post art they drew on the computer. My sister has it, and I might get one. Anyways, people can also make short animations if they have a YouTube account. I'll explain it more in a separate post called
What is DevienArt?

So, look there for some more information.


That is awesome!


Yeah. I just posted 'What is DevienArt?' So you can go look at it if ya want.


I just did, thanks! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:



If you saw my 'Quick Announcement' post, you have heard of a website called DevienArt.

Basically DevienArt is a website where people post art that they made on the computer and get comments and 'subscribers'. Subscribers are people who get updated on your art in their news feed because they like your art. You can also get commissions. Commissions are like requests but you charge money (Like two dollars,) in order for people to get them.
You can also make animation if you have a YouTube account. Like you post one frame of the animation and the link on YouTube on DevienArt, and the full animation is on YouTube.

So that's basically DevienArt.