Questions You Might Have About the Forum if You Are New



Hi guys its Panda Studios from Hopscotch. I just joined the forum, and I’m a little confused. Could anyone help me by just telling me a little bit how the forum works?



welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum I follow u on hopscotch!


So, you’ve already made your first post!
There are other topics you can post on, so the forum doesn’t get clogged by new topics.
There are some rules, but they are just the pretty basic rules.
Also, before you make a topic, search it up on the search bar to see if somebody else has already made it.
If you ever need some more help, you can tag me like @Chibimeringue.


U should make this a gt (general topic)
So that people can chat with u here


Welcome to the forum!
Be sure to read all of the topics under the Latest category, and like a few and reply to a few! This will help you get used to the forum!!

You know how to make topics, which is a great skill! You can make topics if you have a coding question, need advice, or want to make a tutorial on a specific skill to help people. Before making random topics, I would advise you to consult the Forum Community Guidelines, as well as search the topic name before you post it. This will prevent duplicates of a certain topic as well as help unclog the forum. If someone replies to your topic asking you to SBYP, this means they wanted you to search before you posted, and that the topic you just made is a duplicate!!!

Hope this helpled clear some doubts! You can tag me if you have further questions! :smile:


Hello, I’ve seen you before.
Look at these:


Hi welcome to the forum! I’m Ducks_Happy! If you have any questions
Feel free to tag me @Ducks_Happy


Hi guys
Thx for replying. I just found out about repeating topics when I posted this topic, so I didn’t mean to make a duplicate if I did. I just have a few more questions:

  1. Could someone please explain tags? How do they work? What is the purpose of tagging?
  2. Can you follow people?
  3. If you flag something does that mean you think the comment is disrespectful? Is that the purpose of flags?
  4. What does “regular” mean?

Thank you guys. I will take all of your recommendations!!


1.when you tag someone, it gives them a notification and they can automatically find your post.
2.flagging is bad. When you flag something, it means that you think it’s bad or disrespectful., you can’t follow people.
4. Regular is a trust level.
Basic user is 1
Member is 2
And regular is 3.
Hope this helps!


Yes that helps SO MUCH! Thank you thank you :blush::blush:


Hey @PandaS! All posts above are really helpful. @Swati_Bang already welcomed you, but I also recommend this forum topic made by the same user:

Welcome to The Hopscotch Forum! Have a great time here. And by the way, typing “@discobot(start new user” in a post starts a really cool tutorial. Replace the “(” with a space to make it work.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Any new comers: I just found this article and @SmileyAlyssa does an amazing job explaining how to do all the different types of polls on the forum!