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Do you have a question to small to make a topic about. Put them here I have had a ton of questions and junk that I'm not making a topic for! I can imagine this getting off topic quickly so I will check to make sure it dose not and if it gets too off topic I will shut it down. If you have any questions about the forum or hopscotch. And they seem like a easy fix question and kinda small to make a topic for put them here! Ok let's get started!


Ok I have to throw out some questions (the main reason I made this topic) how long has the hopscotch forum been around for? What was the first feature? Was there a time without features? And if there was a time when hopscotch existed and the forum did not and features existed how did projects get featured?


Great idea!


Projects got featured because the Hopscotch Team looked on Hopscotch for them. Not all features come from a nomination c:

The forum was created July 16th or 15th of last year.

The rest idk. ;-;


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I think this was the first feature

Anyway its always at the bottom so im pretty sure!
Also i think there may have been a very short period without features (like a few weeks)


I made a topic like this a month ago SBYP


They deleted the features before that.


No, it wasn't. There are a lot of too old featured projects so they don't show up on the new version.


Great questions! The forum was created quite recently compared to the app. The app is 3 years and a bit now (released April 2013), while the forum is reaching its first anniversary (July 2015) :smiley:

Hopefully you've gotten answers to some other questions from previous posts, so I won't repeat them here. The Hopscotch Team did just look for projects to feature before the forum topic existed, since there were a lot less projects published per day when the community was smaller. You could also email the Hopscotch Team if you had suggestions for really awesome projects.

I don't know what the first feature was (the Hopscotch Team refreshes the Featured page) but the community was added in December 2013 so there was a time without sharing your projects (it's likely there was no featured as well if there was no community?)

  1. The forum will be one year old on July 16, this Saturday.
  2. The first Feature was t1's What Hopscotch Character Are You? quiz.
  3. I don't think so.
  4. Hopscotch has been around for three years. Its birthday is April 16. The forum has been around for 361 days. So there was a time where there was no forum. The Hopscotch Team chose the projects to be featured and featured them through a computer. They still do. Nowadays, the Hopscotch Team checks some projects that were nominated for Featured out. They may feature them.


This seems really similar to this topic:

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