Questions to @liza


Im making to much topics ;-;

Anyways, I was thinking. Heres some questions @liza.

Have you ever thought about Adding microtranactions?
Since Hopscotch is non-profit, if you want to make hopscotch for android or computer or rent a spa in California, you need money. Since I think you team is pretty small I think, did you ever think about trying to get money.

Are you making an android or computer version
I know, I know. You must be annoyed by this now. But im always DYING to know. If its a secret, dont answer this. Anyways, you have said you will need to hire a team. Did you get the money?

Is the old editor going to come back
Will it see the light of day? Im working on a collab..... well I kind of stopped because we did it in school and email... but.... ok so will it?

Sorry if im annoying you :wink:


May be easier to email her…

And they are thinking about the whole money thing :wink:



But I posted it on the fourm because I want to see people like it.


I think that THT is making an Android version in the near future


i thought HS already cost money.


Nope, HS is free and the school version was taken down


Welp, for an older verison, im screwedriver


But it's still here? ;-;


Charge your iPad

This is just a joke don't take offense.