Questions for the three Hopscotchers I'm interviewing! You know who you are!


I will be asking each of you the same questions! I'll be asking each of you 5 questions!

Hopscotchers(on the forum & Hopscotch)

@Glitter_Kitty *Glitter Kitty on Hopscotch
@Doodliedoo *Doodliedoo on Hopscotch
@WinningMonkey *WinningMonkey on Hopscotch

*@Glitter_Kitty *@Doodliedoo *@WinningMonkey

Why did you come to Hopscotch?
What is your favorite thing about Hopscotch:

  • Community! :wink:
  • Coding! :blush:
  • Projects! :smile:


How do you like Hopscotch so far?
How long have you been on Hopscotch?
What are some of your hobbies in real life?
That's it!


1) I came to Hopscotch because I enjoy coding!
2) I enjoy the community and the coding!
3) Hopscotch is one of the best apps ever!
4) Since November 2014.
5) Drawing, Reading, Eating, Watching YouTube, Playing with/annoying my hamster


I started hopscotch for school as we had to spend an hour on it every day. At first I thought it was boring as I new nothing about coding, when I got used to the way hopscotch works I really started to enjoy it.

The favourite thing in hopscotch is coding knowing that you have made something amazing I wish on the vote there was a everything botten.

I love hopscotch and yeah

I have been on hopscotch science April 13 2015

My hobbies in real life are playing softball, baking and kapahaka

I hope this is good enough


I started HS when I came across games in the app store for the first time. It was a brand new experience for me, as I had just bought an ipad in hopes of learning something I would actually find useful (and also annoying everyone with ringtones)

I started about 2 or 3 years ago (on a different account) when Hopscotch was just starting to evolve from beta (there wernt many " magmaPOPs"or "orangescents" back then) It was very exciting as I delved deeper into the physics of coding and as the community evolved, I began to code more and more. My hobbies are basically art, music, and reading, or anything that has to do with your right brain


@Glitter_Kitty, @WinningMonkey, and @Doodliedoo:
I am making the whole post thing, it will not be shared until like tomorrow cuz I'm gonna try to find some way to smash 'em all together. If you have any suggestions, it might be done sooner! Sorry I'm making you wait so long :stuck_out_tongue: But I am trying to make it as nice-good-okay-fine-Idk as possible! :wink:


Are we still doing this or not @iLikeChocolate