Questions for tankt2016!



We are now taking questions! But, no personal info! We think age, first name, and stuff like that are personal info.

Question Examples: "What country do you live in?" "Are you a boy or a girl?" "How many people are on this account?" "What famous people follow you?" "What is your best game?" "How many times have you been on Featured, Trending, and Rising?"

Common Questions

"Are you a boy or a girl?"
tankt2016: "I"am actually two people, a girl and a boy.


Why do you and your sister (or you and your brother, depending on who's on) share one account? Wouldn't it be easier to just have a separate account each?


Who mostly talks on the forum?


Do you consider yourself famous?
Do you think I'm famous?

Please answer honestly, I won't be offended!


Well, it's just easier than having to remember two passwords and constantly logging in and out of accounts and there's only one iPad (which we always use) and siblings sometimes share stuff.
– the girl