Questions for kiwicute2016 and poptart0219



Hi, I have some questions for @Kiwicute2016, and @PopTart0219. Since poptart and kiwicute are leaders and kiwicute is a mod, I think they will be able to give good answers to these questions.

  • I just earned regular, is the next ranking leader?
  • who can promote people to leader or moderator ?
  • any tips for becoming a leader?
  • what abilities do you get being a moderator



The first question is yes. Liza and the rest of the HT promote people who they think will be responsible and helpful. It's uncommon that promotions happen a lot. :wink:
I know, I'm not Kiwicute or Poptart0219, but I do know two of the answers!


To earn leader, here's a simple trick: be yourself, and help peeps
Never change your personality


Like, if you troll people, but are helpful, you could get leader. Always try to be helpful. :wink:


Thanks! Don't worry, I forgot to mention anyone can answer, not just poptart or kiwicute


Ok! I have no clue about the other ones, though!


For moderator, you can accept or deny flags. And look at stuff.


Me neither :joy:! I wonder what kind of abilities mods get?!
Edit: F4lo answered my questions as I posted this


Mods can open a closed topic faster than leaders. I know that from the most used topic.


Thanks for you help!


I'm not Kiwi or Poptart but I am a mod, and the answer to the last question is:
We have all the abilities of leaders, so we can merge topics, close and open topics, archive topics and make topics unlisted.
The abilities we have that leaders don't have include deleting posts and topics, seeing who flagged posts and what posts they flagged, approving/denying flags, suspending/blocking people, looking at people's ip/alternate accounts, seeing that stats of people, and how close they are to regular.
There is other stuff but those are the main abilities. The reason we can open topics when leaders can't is because we can handle the flags first to make sure it doesn't auto close again.


Thank you! Great answer!


Everyone summed it up :frowning: but, here's my answers...

  1. Leader is next, then mod, then admin. There's a whole new world when you get to leader!
  2. Moderators and up, but we rarely or never do it
  3. Be kind, help others, and don't become a fake person for leader (changing your personality = bad)
  4. What @BuildASnowman said


Everyone beat me!
Pretty much, what @PopTart0219 said.