Questions for ken


Hey, @kenlauescuadro, on hopscotch someone asked you to give me a shoutout, and you said, "I'll see if she (I am a girl btw) fits my qualifications"! So my question is, what are your qualifications?

Also, how did you get the idea for Astral?


I'm going to guess the astral question. These is a game very similar to astral called lifeline.


Oh yah, I think he mentioned that game..


My qualifications for a shoutout are:
1. If you are a beginner (not really used this for now)
2. Cool projects like games, art (remixing is good for me btw), websites (not really needed), at least one unique game
3. Friendly to other hopscotchers

I think that's all my qualifications for now.


Am I Up for those qualifications? My HS user is Razor64


Maybe Bellieboo​:cat:? She meets all of those requirements! :smile:


Idk, I didn't check yours yet but I'll look at your profile when I have time.


I'll check. Thanks for the suggestion!