Questions For Hopscotchers!



Hello everyone! :D

I realized that everyone has some commonly asked questions for certain hopscotchers. So I thought making a topic on it! :D

So, lets try to make it hopscotch related.



One question about them (hopscotch wise)
And one question, not too personal, like favorite color, ice cream flavor, ect.

Just to get to know everyone! :D

Or maybe you just want to share something about yourself! Lets keep this proper, or appropriate. Just for the sake of other peoples safety and their privacy. Just to make everyone comfortable I want to try to not talk about anyones sexuality. Thank you! :D

I have a lot of questions but I get way to nervous to ask... XP

I'll share this, One hopscotch thing: When I can't find ideas I google "Random things" and look at pictures! :D
One plain share: Whenever I get spooked I shake my hands rapidly. XDD


Can I share one Hopscotch thing about me and one non-related one?


What do you like to do on Hopscotch?

Where do you get your inspiration for Hopscotch?

Why did you join Hopscotch?

If you were to write a summary of Hopscotch to a kid who was interested in it, what would you write?

Where do you get your username?

If you could only make projects about one certain thing what would it be?

These questions are for anyone :D


As long as the non-related one is not personal. :D


I get nervous... XP

I don't know if asking a birthday is personal information. XP XD


I have a lot of trouble finding ideas for projects because I am very picky. It has to be something perfect. So I don't make projects too often because most of the time is spent brainstorming!

Non-related thing: When I am bored, tired or angry, I get lost in my own little world and start playing an imaginary piano with my fingers. It calms me. :D


Uh... Let's see...

I'll go do some research! :D


My reaction to my projects on HS:

"I haven't published in five days?"
*small groan*

XD, but I am working on something bigger than usual.


Sometimes, yes.

I think asking for birthday month is a more appropriate question. :D


Hopscotch-related: I used to only publish lotteries! :grin:

Non-related: I'm lefty!

(@codingCupcake123, I do the same thing! I make my own songs on my piano, and pretend to play the chords sometimes when I'm bored.)


Ask me a questions or else I'll ask YOU!! Hahaha!


Hopscotch related: Whenever I'm feeling down or bored, I go to following, trending, but I don't go on featured much.

Non- Related: Whenver I'm nervous, I clap rapidly or my hands get sweaty like I soaked them.

  1. Coding and drawing
  2. Everywhere! I just look around me and get an idea
  3. Becuase it was the only fun app on my school iPad, so I got it
  4. Too long to put here (very very long essay)
  5. My dad always calls me dude, and the 73 is for no reason
  6. Smiles! :smile:


That is what I was thinking. :D

Thank you!



Hopscotch stuff: How do you draw on hopscotch so well?

It's amazing! :D

I can just barely draw a face. lol XD

Non-Hopscotch stuff: What's your favorite thing to draw? :D


Oh, boy.
Well, I had to completely adjust my drawing style... I don't use a stylus either. Those pesky little things always get lost. They bug me. But honestly, I dunno!
And what is my favorite thing to draw? Doodle wise, cat people. Don't ask. Legit trying wise, people! Mostly my friends and family.



Hopscotch related: What is your favorite thing to make on hopscotch? :D

Non-hopscotch related: What is your favorite animal? :D


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Whoever wants some questions just ask! :P :D


I want questions XD

Kinda bored too :stuck_out_tongue: