Questions for all of those Artists on Hopscotch



Hello Hopscotchers.


This is just my opinion!

I have been wondering, why is there art on Hopscotch? I love art, but wasn't Hopscotch made for originally girls to learn to code and basically for people to code. I just wondered, how did art come to Hopscotch? Hopscotch is a wonderful community, I love all of the art. But, why do people do art on Hopscotch? I don't get what the point of it is, just go on deviantart, okay? I know a lot of you can't go on there, but why can't you just keep it to yourself and show it to your family, friends, and relatives?

All of those Artist, please answer the questions that I stated in this paragraph! :wink:
Please do not get offend anyone!


@Kiwicute2016, what did you edit for me? I really want to know.


@Phase_Admin, it was the difference between "their" and "there".


Remember to keep it light on this topic everyone. This subject is known to cause finger-pointing and people getting offended.


I said basically that in the topic.


There's about 4-5 topics on this, maybe check them out?
I foresee a flame war about to appear


I'm just trying to help, @Phase_Admin.


Also, Hopscotch made a video on how to draw. Does anyone know who made the first drawing pad??


I just won't answer what you said earlier, always re-read. :wink:


I know. I am not doing that < thing.


The original intention was for girls to become more involved in coding.


And boys!


Oh, sorry!! I just thought... Never mind. I'm embarrassing...


Please read post above yours. :yum:


I can't go on deviantart, I'm way too young and anyway my mom hates deviantart a lot


I said that in their, just telling you.

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I love your forum name!


Do you mean the part of just showing it to your relatives and friends? If yes, then well its because sometimes you want lots of people to see it and hopscotch is a nice place to show your art. I know a young artist who's really good, but can't go on deviantart because if her age. As an artist, its nice to get different critisms from others and not just your friends and family. That's why some like to use hopscotch.

Also, thanks


I have wondered myself! For some artist, (notice how I said some) they cannot really code. But they are better at art than coding. So they just do not code, and they do art instead.


Art is here for a reason

I can fully understand what you are trying to convey @Phase_Admin, but here is what you forgot. Drawing pads are some of the coolest things on Hopscotch! It takes creativity and originality to discover how your's will vary from the rest, and it takes coding and TIME to get the colors and HSBs working. And why have drawing pads if you don't draw on them? I completely understand, but art is important, too. I still believe that Hopscotch should be primarily composed of code, but art is here for a reason.
Thanks for reading!