Questions about Weekly Challenges


Hi! I have a few questions about the weekly challenges!

You might not know the answer, that's okay!

Does THT look at people's projects for the weekend challenge?
Do they pick a "winner" or feature one of the projects?
If I were to do it, would I have to publish it that weekend, or could I do it any time?

Thanks! These are new to me so I'm not quite sure how they work!

(P.s. I made a project for this week's challenge, I hope you like it!)

  1. Probably, don't know for sure

  2. I have no idea, it would be nice though

  3. Maybe... I don't know

Maybe you could ask these when you go to visit THT?


Yeah maybe u could ask that question when u visit them!


1) I would assume so, but I'm not sure.
2) I have no idea. :thinking:
3) I think you can do it anytime, but if there is a "winner" you wouldn't be able to be in the contest.

Awesome project! It's so cool. Here's what I got:

Ironic. XD


Yeah ask them!

Or email soon or something?


Thanks! I had to republish 3 times because I kept finding bugs. XD Here is the last(hopefully) one with no bugs. XD


Omg that's amazing and must be feature!