Questions about the Halloween challenges


As most of you probably know, there will be a Halloween Contest. I'm really psyched about it, but what is it? I've never done one of these, but I assume that you publish an entry by titling a project #HHC entry, and the hopscotch team picks out a their favorite. I've looked up the rules from the previous years, and it says "There will be winners in three categories: 1. Beginning Builders 2. Intermediate Hackers 3. Advanced Ninjas", how do you know your category?


Hi @SUPERSWAGGY! You're not the only one who is a bit confused! I have been on Hopscotch for around about two years and I have never even heard of the halloween challenge!? What is it? What do you have to do? What are the prizes? dot dot dot So what is the halloween challenge? Please help! @Liza @Ian @t1_hopscotch @anyone!? :cat::yum: What are the dates? How long will I have? Anyway, it sounds really fun and exciting!


@SUPERSWAGGY yep those were the rules for last year. The Hopscotch Team looked up the projects with #HHC in the title and they categorised the projects into "Beginner Builders, Intermediate Hackers and Advanced Ninjas" themselves when they looked at the projects.

@ILoveSmudgey The Hopscotch Halloween Contest (HHC for short) was a contest last year during Halloween and you could make anything Halloween-related. We had about two weeks to make a project. It's a secret prize but the prize for last year was to name the new Hopscotch characters (Chickenlord, the winner in Advanced Ninjas last year, named Cosmic Cody!)

An important thing to keep in mind is the Hopscotch Team haven't announced anything this year yet so we don't know if they're going to do it again this year or some rules are going to change if they do it. But it would be super awesome if they did do it again this year :smiley:


Update: My mistake, I had not seen the Hopscotch Team's post. There is a Hopscotch Halloween Contest this year! :scream:


I think it might be a Halloween party challenge, I'm just guessing


I assume that we should not start yet @t1_hopscotch? I am a bit confused whether the Hopscotch Team are intending for us to start now or later.


It will start later I think, they'll give us more info later in the week they said :smiley:


How is the Hopscotch team able to know whether you entered the contest or not? For example, you could make a Halloween based project but not want to enter it in the contest.


I've never entered the Halloween Contest before, but here's @t1_hopscotch's post:


I think if you're entering the contest, you can type in #HHC.

I think if you don't want to be in the contest, then just name your title of your project anything you want.


I have an idea! Maybe when you're done with your Halloween project and you're ready to enter your project, you can click on the #HCC tab so that when the Hopscotch Team clicks on that tab, they know what projects were entered in the contest. Sorry if it doesn't make sense.


That's what I was thinking! There should be a temporary "#HHC" tab until the hopscotch team picks the winner


That's a really good idea!

Good question @Giraffedolphin26 in response to your question:

Like @Berrymelon said, the Hopscotch Team will know if you're entring by you putting #HHC in the title :smiley:

I haven't checked Hopscotch yet but I think they should make it #HHC15 for this year if they're still going to go with adding a tag to the title. I think having a temporary tab would be a good idea like @Berrymelon and @SUPERSWAGGY suggested.


Rules are up!


WHAT IS THE SECRET PRIZE:scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:


Is it NEW character?


Yeah I did! Basically the winners are based on the best for the amount of code. In the begginners catagory I recomend an animation of some sort. For intermidiate you might want to add some extra user interaction.
And for the advanced, well, the sky is the limit with how much code you can have. Litterally, how do you think cosmic cody got into space in the first place?


Hi @chickenlord1501! Haven't seen you for a while and congrats again on winning last year! Cosmic Cody is a really clever name by the way. I wonder, like @SUPERSWAGGY, what the secret prize will be this year....

For the categories, I think just try your best and the Hopscotch Team will put categories accordingly. Also everyone just have fun with it too - that's what matters :smile:


I think this is a very new idea :slightly_smiling:



  1. There is a halloween contest! We call it the Hopscotch Halloween Contest, or HHC15 for short.

  2. To enter, publish a project with #HHC15 in the title into the #HHC15 channel (great idea, y'all. we're adding it!). Here's why: we search through the community for entries using that hashtag. If you don't include it, we might not see your project. Last year, the hashtag was just #HHC. We added the "15" to separate this year's entries. Genius, I know.

  3. Winners will be chosen in three categories to make the contest more fair. It would be unfair if a brand new Hopscotcher was competing against someone who's been around for 2 years. We'll try our best to judge the level of your project.

  4. The prize is secret. (muhahahaha)

  5. @chickenlord1501 truth. I'm not sure how Cosmic Cody got into space, but I suspect he worked at it for a long time. And maybe invested in some kind of jet fuel. Anyway, glad you're back.

SEE YOU GUYS IN THE #HHC15 CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm out.


How many times can we enter? What if we have more than one Halloween entry?