Questions about the forum


How come I have a limited number of posts? Infuriating. How can you become a regular and how long does it take? :question::question::question::question::question::question: Whats this for?


I think it takes 100 days to become a regular?? There is a forum thread somewhere that talks about the different ranks, I'll try to find it


Being a regular takes time! Just be really active and stay on the forum. You have limited posts because you are new and might make topics that aren't needed!


You have a limited number of posts, because you're new to our community. If you stick around and be active, you won't have a limited number of posts anymore!

Here's a topic from Discourse Meta about the Regular trust level:


Lel been on for 90 something days still not regular :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But I was inactive for about a month in between.


You only have a limited number of posts on your first day, soon you'll have unlimited posts! :slight_smile:

Becoming a regular takes time and requires the "Member" badge, I would focus on earning that first. :slight_smile:

This should show you how to earn Regular! :D Just scroll up a bit on that page to find out how to earn Member. :slight_smile: