Questions About Tags


So, I've noticed that in the forum, people have created tags of their username and just random tags. Is that allowed? This question isn't supposed to be offensive to anyone.

Also, is it possible to delete a tag that was made yourself?

Lastly, why are there tags on the forum?


Yeah it's totally allowed

No I don't think you can delete a tag

Uh cause why not

Tags help keep the forum a little more organized

Plus they're fun

  1. Yes I think it is but I've never gotten clarification on that

  2. I don't think so


  1. There hasn't been much of a boundary but there was a restriction on Help with Code...
  2. You can delete a tag by removing it on all the topics you put it on
  3. There are tags so to give a context to the topic.

@codingCupcake123 rats


Wait, so you can create some random tag about potatoes and you won't get in trouble?:laughing:


There hasn't been a rule and Liza doesn't monitor it really


Yeah there probably is a potato tag there for fun


I'm kind of suprised there's not a rule about tags.


Well, I think the titles of the tags should relate to the topic. It would be best not to create tags with random phrases or words that don't relate to the topic.


I agree with this. The tags are supposed to add to the context.


K cool

Potatoes relate to everyone



How do you make a tag?


You have to be a regular first to make a tag!


Besides, as long as the tags aren't inappropriate, I don't see why there'd be a problem…


because those tags dont have actual users its okay.

yes u can delete tags if u made them because theyre just text with a command

tags are on the forums be4cause its an easy way to talk to people