Questions About removing the 20 Characters count



Guys I just want to ask about removing the 20 Charachters removal. PLEASE @Liza @Ian @alish please remove 20 Charachters so we can type shorter questions. Who's with me?


We have found a trick to override this
Just add a < and some letters right after it without a space


You can do a trick by having a <, in front of a few words/letters etc. @OrangeScent1, you beat me to it!
I'll give an example. Press the Reply as a linked topic to see the trick. Orangescent keeps beating me! :wink:




Yep, what @OrangeScent1 and @Kiwicute2016 said. This is Discourse's rule so people don't just type something that doesn't help the convo, like "k."




Just saying remove it no overriding it asking a question


They added this so people would spam the forums with the same thing.
Here is an example:
LazyLizard- hi
LazyLizard- yo
LazyLizard-whats up
These posts aren't important and we do not want them to jam up the forum!
And, of course, they want us to be more productive and helpful! :wink:


Well I'm just sayin!...




Nice to meet you, "just saying.."! Trolololol




sorry I had to fix the title the spelling errors drove meh crazzyy


I dont believe that it is possible for spelling errors to drive


for me sometimes they drive me a 'little' crazy..


F4LO puns haha really


Ok Getting off topic.....




The 20 characters is so this isn't Twitter and we are actually making detailed post not stuff like
Get it?
Got it?




How do you size thing