Questions about regular


So I saw a post about ppl's 100th day so I checked how many days I've been on. Turns out This is like my 106th day. I don't have regular so does that mean I have to be on for another 44 days before I can get regular? ( I'm pretty sure that for regular u have to be on for 50 out of 100 days) and since it has already been 100 days, do I have to start over? what do I need for regular now?


Make sure you've been on for the last 50 days and read enough


You can check out the requirements in the Badges section of the forum!

I think it changed a bit, but that's where you can find them!


Thank you for the help!! Kindness points


Thanks for being helpful! Kindness points




I hope you get reg! But you can still be a qualified regular without the badge!


I know but I'm just wondering. I'd really like the badge LOL but I know I can still be a regular without a badge ( minus the lounge)


Oh ya btw i gave u kindness points for that :smile:


You have too many flags


Of course I do XD
when do they go away?


I don't think they can go away!


50 days of your last flag


When was my last flag?


Cause if it was yesterday then I'm giving up on regular


22 hours ago


Oh that's today ....
I think @Ella_13 is sad now!


Oh great. So no hope of regular ever again. And plus yesterday didn't deserve a flag. All I did was made a duplicate topic which wasn't really a duplicate. Others things I've done deserved flags but not that


Yeah cause I gotta wait another 50 days. And right b4 I went to sleep away camp, I was apparently really close


Well u can't really argue with what u got sry... if I sound mean!