Questions about PMs


Recently, @Kiwicute2016 set up a PM for me and the judges of my contest. It's awesome! I have some questions about PMing tho.

Can all mods see the PM?


Can any tagged in the PM see the PM, or only people a mod invites?

Thanks, gtg!


All admins can see PMs and only people in the PM will receive tag notifications.


Ok, thanks! Idc if mods can see it, I was just wondering! Thank you for the PM by the way!


What's a PM? :grimacing:


Cuz I was too lazy to type it XD


@EmmabugOnTheForum, a PM is a private message, like @Lightningstrike said! :smiley:


I also have a question.

In what cases can you request a PM?


Sharing passwords to a collab, writing stories, and judging contests.


Admins can see all PMs, Mods can only create them, they can't see pms without them being invited


Thanks! Can leaders make PMs or only mods?

Do the leaders and mods have a PM to discuss things!


Nope leqders can't make pms as of when I was a leader unless there have been drastic changes and they suddenly can idk I don't think so but it might've happened

Ya there's a leader pm but no one posts on it anymore because they made separate pms it's a long story


Lol thanks!


Okay, thanks! :D


Hi again! What's Pm?


A private message! Kiwicute set up a private messaging topic for me and my judges for my contest.


Wait a second.....
We can Pm Someone!


Mods can set up PMs for people.


I had a PM with @Huggingfluffybear and it was closed. It was supposed to be permanent. Can it be re-opened?


I wonder why it was closed!!


Maybe inactivity... I asked for @BuildASnowman to re-open it, but it's still closed...