Questions about Hopscotch bugs/update? -Madi-


One of my drafts is hacked as.


It’s actually 10.5in and 12.9in


Yeah what Mr.Gam3r said


Hey is the screenshot above of the JSON? It looks like it.


Yes, indeed. If you want to learn more about it:


Ooh thanks. I’ve always wanted to see the JSON.


That’s not an issue, it’s a feature. Once you download them onto your iPad they’ll be normal. (Requires internet connection to download) Also, clear your drafts.


Haha yeah I should do that…
I always have new ideas so I always start making a new project… I guess it adds up :laughing:


When I get new ideas and abandon them I just clean up the project a bit and publish it. I think it saves storage.




That is JSON.

If you have a computer with iTunes, you can transfer dsta between your ipad apps and the computer. If you go to the screen to do that, go to hopscotch then there should be a few UUIDs. click one and download it

If you are on a mac…

do not use TextEdit to edit the JSON. It invalidates it


What iPad Pro do you have? There are two screen sizes (or even more) and unfortunately your iPad might not have the screen size that will show the “three-project-layout”.


Yeah, I have the smaller size so I can only see two projects across.

  1. Same but partly because i dont enter most after ive logged back in.
  2. Same.
  3. i think so, for me at least because the tag shows up when i remix.
  4. idk
  5. Idk


Okay! Just a question, is the JSON that you posted from one of Hopsoctch’s domains?


What does that mean?:joy:
I screenshotted the code from one of my games if that is what you are asking.


Well, the image shows that you are on a website called “”. I was just wondering how you got to that link and if it were a link from Hopscotch.


Ohh, it is from the website where SmileyAlyssa and I and THT have access to the back end, where we can view drafts and projects, feature peojects, etc. You have to enter a username and password to access it though.



  1. Yes
    The projects are either corrupted or glitched

  2. Yes
    iPad Pro 12.9 inches

  3. IDK - nobody stole my projects again (yet)

  4. IDK

  5. Yes
    Make sure you don’t have too many set text to variables without rounding. For example, if you are tracking speed and it shows lots of decimals, make sure to display a rounded value. Check my Eclipse project if you need an example of rounding to 10ths


Wow, that is cool. Thank you for answering :slight_smile: