Questions about Hopscotch bugs/update? -Madi-


Hi! I have a couple questions!

  1. Has anyone else noticed that most of their drafts have the little cloud on them and don’t show the actual screenshot of the project? Every time I open Hopscotch most of my drafts are like that.

  1. I feel like I remember someone saying that with the iPad Pro, three projects are displayed across the screen in Hopscotch (in landscape mode) instead of two. I have the iPad Pro but there are only two projects across.

  1. Is the remix tag bug fixed yet?

  2. Does anyone know if THT is doing best of 2017?

  3. In one of my project drafts, after about 30 seconds of playing the project, the screen always turns white and I have to exit the project and then go back into it. Does anyone know how to fix this?




That’s been there a while.

It means they’re not on your iPad


Nope. It happened to me again today.


Thanks! How do I fix this issue?


Ok, so there are two sizes of iPad Pro, I think there is a 10.9 and like a 12. something. Only the larger one gets the 3 across


Ohh, that makes sense, thank you! :smiley:


This always happens when you log out of your account or go offline and then back online. It happens to me, just tap the cloud and the screenshot returns.

I don’t have an iPad Pro, sorry.

Thinbuffalo recently opened a topic and Awesomeonion said that it was fixed but she’s going to double check.

I’ve sent a few emails and they won’t reply. THT seem not to want to tell anyone.


Yeah the cloud thing has happened to me for a long time. The remix bug has not been fixed, the only way to remove it is to bring it in to drafts.


Just open them


ThinBuffalo created a way to fix it.

Save to drafts


Lol all 1,000 of my drafts :joy:
EDIT: I actually have exactly 1,041 drafts.


It has, but I think THT haven’t published the beta or update yet.


How do you know how many drafts you have?


Heard of sarcasm?


Since I have access to the back end of Hopscotch I can see how many I have :upside_down_face: Do you want to know how many you have?


It’s not sarcasm lol.


Oh. So do you have access to the JSON? @Madi_Hopscotch_


Well, mine are countable


Have access to this:

Is that JSON?
I can’t edit it though.


Yes that looks like the JSON. I’ve never been in it but I’ve seen MR.GAM3R’s screenshot.