Questions about Help with Code


Hi there! I'm adjusting to the new forum layout, and woah, it's pretty cool! ;3

However, you probably have heard about the Help with Code tab being deprecated. So, I have some questions regarding that:

• Will you still be able to post/like stuff in HWC topics?
• Will the topics currently in it be deleted?

If you could answer these questions, that would be fantastic ;3

(By the way, here's just a random poll):

Which of these is your favorite new category?

  • Random Stuff
  • Meta
  • Announcements
  • Math
  • Design/Colors/Sound
  • Debug my Code
  • Open Source Code
  • Collabs
  • Control Blocks
  • Bugs in Hopscotch


Votes are public.


I think the topics just get changed to a different category, one of my topics were in collab but now it's in #collabs-requests-competitions (well at least was)


1) Yeah, I think so.
2) No, you just won't be able to put any topics in that category.

These may be wrong, but that's what I've heard so far.


@Sensei_Coder #help <this
(It's called deprecated (help with code)


Cool topic :3

Answers to questions:

  1. I don't know. Probably.

  2. Nope! :D

My favorite categories are probably Open Source Code and Random Stuff. :D


I think at the moment I am really enjoying being in #open-source-code and #math at the moment :upside_down: