Questions about general topics/clickbait


Hello fellow forumers!
I have a question...
Are we as regulars allowed to change titles LIke peioeiepiepiepeipe donate PIIIIIZIa tO THE NEEDY thath relahtthy neEd iT to ¨My general Topic?¨

  • Yes, itś spam and I don´t like it
  • I guess
  • No, we should be mindful about them because itś not our topic


Votes are public.

And what about clickbait?

Should we edit or just flag them?




I think we should ask first before editing. :D
Or, we could see what others think. When other people edit my titles, I feel like they're intruding on me, I guess I'm just crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:
But if it's really inappropriate, then I would definitely change, because you can't flag titles, just the topic.


Sounds good Snoopy


I'm sick of people editing my titles without asking so I'm asking you guys to please stop.


I think we're allowed to change the titles as long as we don't abuse our title changing power


Usually when someone's general topic has something other than "@username's General Topic", it will still have "Username's Topic" in the title. It is okay unless it is just some random title that isn't related and people wouldn't know what it is.


I agree. If someone just puts a :D or something I don't care but if someone changes the title to "pancakes r cool" then that's different. Like if u change a mistake in a title than that's fine but not actually change the title.