1. How to make the main character jumps while tapping?
  2. I want to make the main character change colors once it levels to level 2 of the game?
  3. How to add a start button?


Let me post photos of the code.

#3 to make jumping text

2.Change colors at different levels

3.Make start button


I mean I want the character to jump and land back at the same jumping point
My character jumps but stays up


It does land on the same jumping spot


am I doing the right thing


it looks like this


A better way: use a variable (for jumping)

When 7=7
change y by your variable

When IPad (or your device) is tapped
Set your variable to 25
Repeat 25
Increase your variable by -1


No need to use blocks in that


Did you make 2 start buttons?
May I see how the pikachu’s code looks like?


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Hi, so i change the whole game concept. I want to ask you if you know how to do leveling up. Like i want to add three level to this game, how do I do that


Use a variable called​:iphone:Level. If you want something to happen once in a level, use check once if :iphone:Level =1, 2 or 3 , put what you want to happen inside it and then wait 9999999 ( you get the idea) Also, put When game starts, set level to 1. When the level is completed, increase it by one. When :iphone:Level =4, put down the winning screen. Hope this helped!


Thank you! That actual explains why I kept getting it wrong. I did the whole level=1,2,3 but i didn’t put wait 9999999


this is what i got so far