Questionable Topic! (YuxinaYammy/ArtycMaple Topic)


So I've seen a lot of people doing a Q and A and feedback topic so I decided 'Why not?'.
Anyway on this topic is like any other Q and A topic, you can ask me questions, give feedback or anything else! And I might post some pictures of incoming projects.
I'm not sure how this topic will go but I hope this is ok!




How did you come up with your username?


Well it's quite long so buckle up (or something :yum:).
So for the username 'YuxinaYammy', I liked Fire Emblem Awakening at the time, so I liked the name Lucina. I replaced the 'L' with a 'Y' because I like Y, and then I replaced the 'c' with an x because I like that letter too. :sweat_smile: I have really weird reasons... Anyway the 'Yammy' part was because I like Yam Pearl Milk Tea so I just slapped that into the Yuxina part.
For Pho Elise I liked Fire Emblem Fates at the time, so I liked the name Elise, and then I thought of Pho, which is a Vietnamese noodle soup, and then I mashed them together, and then it kinda sounds like Fur Elise, and that works too because I play the piano and the song.
Phew.. That was long!


Summons @tankt2016 >; )

Hallo btw


@KVJ Hallo! Sorry for the late reply


Hi! Was are you working on in HS?


I think I saw a delete…


@KVJ I'm just looking around on Hopscotch now, if that's what you were wondering. :slight_smile:
Oh yeah, I deleted it because I didn't really get the was at the beginning of your sentence. :sweat_smile:


Kinda. I was asking what projects you're working on :wink:
Wie geht's?


@KVJ Oh well I'm not really working on any big projects, but if I actually can be bothered to I might make a small drawing pad or something. I also need to still do a few requests. I'm procrastinating a lot.
'Wie gehts' means 'How it going', right? I had to check on Google, I still don't know a lot of German. :sweat_smile: Anyway I am going good, you?


Ich auch (me too/I'm good too)!




@KVJ Hallo there. I don't really know what else to say...


Maybe something about Hopscotch or etwas (something)?


Hmmm... Oh, is there anything I need to improve on? My behaviour, coding, art, anything? This is for anyone to answer


Nope, you're an awesome person! :3

Just a question -- are you really Polar Panda Ice? :0110010

The Polar Panda Ice? :0

If you were, then..

Omg I remember submitting a drawing of a penguin for one of your art contests, and asking if we could become friends :D

If you are her, you were (and still are) the nicest person ever! c:


@Maltese Oh thanks for saying I'm awesome and nice! You are awesome and nice as well! And yeah I'm the actual Polar Panda Ice! YuxinaYammy, Polar Panda Ice, Pho Elise and all the other confusing names were me! As said in my profile bio. :3


I read your bio — I was just clarifying because I tend to be confused. :0

A lot. XD


Senpai says I'm awesome and nice omg ;u;

Thanks so much omg


It's ok! And wow I'm your Senpai?! That's really cool! I thought I was just normal. Thank you!


Yey. :D

And yes, you definitely are my senpai! :01010010

I look up to you and your work a lot. :3


Danke again! ^U^ I love your work so much too!
(Was finding the perfect emoticon for this)