Question types of databases on hopscotch


Whats a, and the difference between a local database, an external database and an API?

Does hopscotch have any of these?



Idk what are these lol… but I don’t think HS has them…

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me either but I need to know for a thing and I wantedto make sure the topic was hopscotch related lol

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Nah, HS isn’t that complex. It doesn’t have anything like that.





Well this doesn’t have much to do with Hopscotch, although I will answer the question anyways.

A local database is something that can be accessed by a server easily. The data or other things kept in the data base are freely accessible to authorized people using the server,

An external database requires further action to extract data or anything else that is kept there. Generally you need to configure both the server and database so they can both read and receive information from each other.

An Application Programming Interface (API) is the method in which a server can access data from a data base.

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