Question: Raising the trust level of Random Stuff to members+

Hi everyone, there have been a couple of topics raised on general content guidelines in the forum so far too.

Bring Coding Back!

Updating responses for forum guidelines?

Any thoughts on raising the trust level required to see #random-stuff so far? I was thinking because:

  • most people in there seem to be members+ anyway

  • I’m just reflecting on when a new users’s first replies are just joining in with general topics, and then making a general topic on the forum hmm :thinking: and if they want to become member, they can.

  • there are people who come visit the forum without accounts too

This doesn’t have to be a permanent change, and we’re not doing anything yet. I just want to hear from you all too first, then I will raise some further points to talk about from there. (Including about values)


I think it’s a pretty good idea!
We should give it a try and see how it goes.
This would make it easier for people less familiar with the forum as well (less random stuff that they may not understand right away).
Also first like and reply.


seems like a good idea

focus newbies on the coding first then after member they can join in on general topics


I like the idea.

When you are coming new to the forum you might make much off topic topics, but when you later would get member you might have learned more about the forum.


I was thinking so too :smiley:

And yeah I think it would make it more helpful for them as well :relaxed:


Sounds good to me. What everyone said above, I agree!


I agree. plops my topic into random stuff

Basics don’t need to know how much I trashpost in my general topic about fiction XD

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That’s a great idea! The forum should at least have some code I got things beside GTs


This idea is good, I agree with you. Like ISBN said, we should try it and see how it goes :slight_smile:

We should maybe also rename random stuff to “Other”, I think. Why? For me, “Random Stuff” sounds like a category where you can put everything you want. There is a description for the category that states that you put topics that is related to coding in there, but for me “Other” sounds a little bit better. But I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. If the trust level for the category gets higher and it works, we probably won’t need to change the name.


I think that’s a good idea. New users/basics should get into the habit of posting code-related stuff before they can start going off-topic. That way they don’t just come onto the forum and forget about HS.


I think this is fair. They can’t just come on and talk about whatever, or they’ll never post coding stuff.

Then again, that would mean every general topic would have to be moved to random, and there would have to be a pinned topic telling people to do that. (Or you guys could just do it for everyone)


@t1_hopscotch Maybe I misunderstood but isn’t that what the lounge was supposed to be for? (You know, the category no one uses because not everyone can see their posts.)

That’s how other, adult forums operate anyway. Off topic randomness is fine but has to be in a “lounge” for members only. In other categories it’s not tolerated and moderated in a heavy handed fashion. Even general topics would not be allowed unless in the lounge, as they require all categorized topics to very specific. That keeps things orderly and organized.

Unless THT plans to get more mods and enforce the rules, I thinks users will circumvent any restrictions by putting off topic posts in the other categories.

That said, the randomness the new forum layout doesn’t seem so intrusive (especially compared to what it used to be).


I like this idea, but could you also raise the trust level for HWC? Some people are still posting topics in HWC and we want to encourage them not to :D


I really like this idea, and as for raising the trust level for HWC as brought up by MiNi, I agree with that as well.
Maybe there’s could be a filter or something of sorts on the people that visit the forum without an account, and basics too. Kinda like a few pinned topics like the #announcements category and the community guidelines. It wouldn’t be like that for people logged in, and members+.


old post
But lounge is for regulars+…
I’ve lost regular…
Please don’t torture me like that

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The random category would be more accessible since its for Members+ rather than Regulars+.

And I think the lounge is mainly for talking about private things that only trusted people can see. At least that’s what it’s used for…


I actually like that idea. I am a little hesitant, simply because of some of the good stuff there, but I think that this could really improve the expectations and quality of the forum.


I think this is a good idea! We should give this a try!


Yeah, members or above.


Yeah I was thinking exactly as well. This brings me to what I was going to raise afterwards.

I was thinking about repurposing and renaming random-stuff for this base:

  • and then everything else will need to be moved into Lounge, as that was what it was made for.

The big concern is what people expect though :pensive: I wish everything could eventually moved to Lounge but I’m not sure how it will go. we can probably see that people are okay with raising it to trust level 2+ but trust level 3+ is a different matter in a lot of people’s perspectives — Even though it is the point of the lounge, I imagine people being really upset :confused: Not that this is necessarily what we’re doing yet, but just some thoughts in relation to your comment with the lounge’s purpose.

And I was thinking about this too, about eventually repurposing it into ‘Sharing Knowledge and Creativity’ and making it an open category for everyone, if things were able to be separated into the lounge.

Hmm I think the intention is that Lounge will be for more trusted users so things won’t get out of hand. (not sure necessarily that the trust levels are reflection of it at the moment because it was changed a little)

And I was thinking so too, hence with the idea of separating topics that are to do with learning & creativity, but not sure how it would go.

We might leave this discussion for later on though.