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How to Play
Everyday a new question will be posted. Just answer to share your opinion! You’re welcome to explain it as well :slight_smile:

Make sure all answers follow the hopscotch guidelines. All answers must be appropriate, and no sharing personal info.


Hi there! Great idea! However, we actually already have a topic for it on the forum and I see that you already found it: the Weekly Icebreaker Chat Room! It used to be a daily topic, but it is about questions to other members. We try to keep things on the same topic on the forum - it’s a principle we have to keep things neat and tidy. No worries, you didn’t do anything wrong, but you could submit your own questions to be posted to the community here. If you want to post Hopscotch-related questions, we also have a general topic for everything related to Hopscotch: You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here.


To keep everything on the same topic, I hope you can continue the discussion on the topics I linked a few days ago:)