Question- how do you get rid of the 'new topics'?


Could someone please tell me how to get rid of the new topics? Thank you very much.


You cant


What exactly do you mean?


Oh, okay.


You just scroll to the bottom of the page of new topics and tap "Dismiss New"


OK, thanks @Fishyguitars :slight_smile:


Tip: instead of typing all those letters at the end, do this:

<+[%^%**}> except with letters :D and then text will be invisible! So you don't have to show the letters!

It's really helpful with twenty characters...


If you tap on the New section, there is also the Dismiss New button, in the bottom right for this picture.

I would give people hearts but I've run out :( (that hasn't happened to me in ages). I shall be back to heart posts later.


Like this:
Wow, it worked, that you so much @LavenderArts :smiley:


Umm... I thin you mean @LavenderArts


Oh...yes. I will edit that now. Thank you very much! :smiley:


Your welcome! Also, newbies can see this topic which was made by my friend @JojoDude:


249 new topics! You need to get reading!


You're welcome! :D