Question! Hopscotchifying a gif!


do you have any idea how I can Hopscotch this? It's relatively easy if you can place the different dots so how would I do that?

EDIT: the dots are just moving on their own straight line of you see them


Um. You can have all the dots in the gif, give them a line, make them go back and forth on the line, presto, publish.


Ok... Lets see


Never mind, I'm ok, not to share it.


But how would I space all of the lines?


You could use leave a trail and set angle blocks maybe? :smiley:


Uh... Maybe use sins and cos?


Yeah...sin and cos might be helpful


@SmileyAlyssa @KoalaKrazy how??


Let me try..... Yay 20202020


I really want to make that now x3

But I won't steal your idea :slight_smile:


Do you want me to make you an example????? Although I would just make the whole project :stuck_out_tongue:


God This is so annoying Lol. Look at what I have done so far it is a fail. You can kinda see how the circle is coming together