Question for SmilingSnowflakes


@SmilingSnowflakes why do we have credit in the boy model template?
Btw it's awesome


Hello @UptownStudios!

I added you to the credits for your kind suggestion, I just wanted to show my appreciation!

Thank you!


Do you mind if I'm making a model? I got so inspired by you and I really wanted to make one!


Hello @PopTart0219!

I don't mind! It sounds amazing!

Thank you!


Thank You! For liking my project for the ice bucket challenge. Your an inspiration. You probably have noticed me liking all of your projects. I have not missed a single one :wink: You inspire others. How did you come up with the name SmilingSnowflakes?


Maybe because it was between SadSlush and SmilingSnowflakes


Hello @Bubblyoreo!

Thank you so much! Your projects are incredible!

It took me a really long time to figure out a username, at first I wrote down nouns and adjectives that I like, but nothing really sounded good together! LovelyLemonade was a username I was considering, but, someone already had the username LovelyLemonade. After that I thought of SmilingSnow, but didn't it didn't sound complete, so I tried SmilingSnowball, but someone already had that username, so I tried SmilingSnowbell, I am not actually sure why I didn't choose that as my username, but this was a really long time ago, and finally, I decided on SmilingSnowflakes!

Thank you so much!