Question for Kiwicute2016


@Kiwicute2016 or @Liza Could you please delete my account?
I know this sounds weird but I want a fresh start.
I want to start again from the beginning.
Please don't try to stop me I know what I am doing.


I don't think you can delete an account. If your that desperate, you can delete all your posts if you'd like! :wink:


I think that deleting an account is very hard. So, I guess if you want to start over, abandon this account and make a new one! :D


Most of your posts are over 60 days old and would take quite some time to delete. :sweat_smile:


Good luck kiwi gulp


If you can delete your posts, then I could delete your account, but otherwise, in Spain with practically no service, I can't really help you. :frowning:


Not trying to be difficult, but if you really want your account to be deleted, it'd be best to delete the posts yourself, or contact another mod.


Sure Kiwi, sorry for bothering you.


Could you delete my account?


Nope, sorry. You can't have posted more than 15 times.


Ok. That's sad.......


@anon45761664 muhahaha didn't get this one @PopTart0219