Question for @Gilbert189


Hi @Gilbert189,

I just saw your coding contest on your profile. Can I join? I know it's too late, but I didn't see the entry form. And I can finish a game for sure by Sunday, because I have the weekend free.

I hope you consider my application,



Sure! You can be in group 2. See my profile for details!


Next time, be sure to search for this! I have another topic! Thanks for joining though!:wink:


Sorry for any inconvenience! :confused:


One question. You said that round 2 would be posted today @Gilbert189


I have almost no entries, so I'm extending it a day.:wink:


What time is it posted today?


Just posted it! :wink:


Yay I'm going to check it out! @Gilbert189 this is one of the best contests ever (I've only been in two :wink:)


Hi @Gilbert189!
Did you see my post?
I made the project for group two a couple days ago.


Yep! You're in the next round!:wink:


Yay! Thanks!
(Famed extra text)


Hi @Gilbert189! (I don't know where else to post this so...
I made two projects fir the coding partner thing! Could you check them out? Thanks!



@PopTart0219, @SabotageWarning, @Eco-FriendlyCookies!

Final round! Be ready!