Question for anyone who has FancyKey or anyone who can help



I have both


Okay, I need info…

Thanks for helping me!

We are deciding on whether to get it or not, so we'd like to see what it's like.

I'm talking about FancyKey Pro.

I know you can design your own keyboard.
You can get cool fonts.
You can get keyboard backgrounds.
You can change the key style on your keyboard.

I know that…And I know there is in-app purchases, including "diamonds"…Do you need diamonds to make a keyboard or change a keyboard?


That's not good, but please delete that post, it could be offensive to her. :wink:


I think so I watched videos so I got the star wars + Minecraft one Some you don't if you make your own but if you don't you pay or pay diamonds


Okay I know I just wish she codes more



"Some you don't but if you make your own keyboard you have to pay or pay diamonds."

That doesn't make it sound the best. It sounds the same with RainbowKey…


You have to pay real money to get more on rainbow key just real money



My list

  • RainbowKey

  • FancyKey (maybe?)


FancyKey is free! I use it to get cool emoji things... Anyways, are you asking how to find the cool text things like: ☆☊☜☙☏☟☾☼♲♞♛♝♜? If so then follow the next set of steps!
I couldn't figure how to get these at first! But once you have FancyKey just tap the smiley face in the menu bar, where all the emojis are, then scroll to the right until you find four labels called "Math" "Blocks" "Kaomoji" and "Miscellaneous"

These are where the awesome text objects are! Hope this helps!


This Sight Has Lots Of Things


Put what on Hopscotch? :sweat_smile:


Only fancy key is free though




cooooooooooooooooool! :laughing:


yes, I have it....If you need any help @ me


I have Fancykey, yeah. Why is that important again?


You mean thekeyboard


You can get a few for free and youcan use a picture on your ipad or whatever you use and useit for your keyboardthis is mine I bought for 50 dimonds or maybe it was 150 or 100


A͢n͢d͢ l͢i͢k͢e͢ t͢h͢i͢s͢


Cool! Thanks for the help! I'm just trying to take a look at it before we decide to get it or not.