Question for anyone who has FancyKey or anyone who can help



Oh I thought you just wanted symbols Σ(・□・;)


I was typing that when you posted it


Oh, good.

I meant the symbols in the Unicode Pro and FancyKey apps.


That is the one! Bear in mind that the chess pieces are in a different font than when you paste them into HS


No it's completely free


Thanks! I will try to get it! And I will have $1 to spare since it costs $4 in our country.

And I don't care if the chess pieces are a different font!


Yes, Fancy Key is. But Unicode pro isn't :wink:




Free? I'm checking this out.


There is also a Unicode free, that can be good if you know what you want is there and you are trying to wade through all the symbols in the Pro version


Well, I would prefer things without in-app purchases, but FancyKey looks fine, and I have $5 to get Unicode Pro. It's fine.


The "In-app-purchases" don't even exist in the free version. The missing features are in the paid version


Okay, but I'm talking about FancyKey, but thanks!


Just got it! Looks cool!


How do you move it to Hopscotch?


@rawrbear, I've seen you use it, how do you put it on Hopscotch?


How do you add keyboards?


Æ I've got a his one and I don't have any apps


How do y0u g3t bck to normal if you can decode this—wait, I found it.

I have that symbol too! Somewhere…

Just have to sync the keyboard with the iPad (gotta ask my dad), press alt, and press a letter!


@Work_kids_coding, @StradyVarious, don't you have FancyKey? Can you help at all?
@HermioneGranger, are you still active? Don't you have it?
You're not active.
@Kawaii_Lover, @KittyHeaven, don't you have it?
@Coffee7, you have rainbow key, right? Is it FancyKey or RainbowKey?
@Sugarisyummy, don't you have it? Or do you have RainbowKey?