Question for anyone who has FancyKey or anyone who can help




Does it cost money? If so, how much?
What is it like?
Can you create your own keyboard? I think you can…


What is the name of that big symbols app? The one that is compatible with Hopscotch?
Does it cost money? The one compatible with Hopscotch. How much?


No. It's free but some really fancy things cost money.


What is the thing that @AHappyCoder has?


It's free! I have it! If u watch a whole bunch of videos that it offers, you can get unlimited keyboards! I use fancy key for hopscotch sometimes! тнιѕ fσит ιѕ ¢αℓℓє∂ ℓσνєℓу ωσя∂ѕ. You are able to scroll down for more.


Do you the one that AHappyCoder has?


I don't think so.


If you don't like fancy key (you most likely will) use rainbow key but it isn't that good when it comes to unlimted


I use Unicode Pro. It has hundreds of more symbols than Fancy Key and you can make a customisable key board. But it is $6 NZ


We know it is $6, but it doesn't matter. I found $5 in my desk drawer yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are talking about the one that is compatible with Hopscotch. What is that one called?


Fancy key is fully compatible with HS. But some of Unicode pro is not compatible. I think if you can, Unicode pro is the best option.


Are the shapes and chess pieces and stuff like that compatible with Hopscotch? I think I have seen them there.

I searched for "what is Unicode pro", and it came up with a $4 app that looks an awful lot like the one Wyoming you have…


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You can: go to settings, then general, then keyboard, then Japanese, then Kana, then on the keyboard use ☆123





I'm not talking about Kana, which I already have. I'm talking about FancyKey and Unicode Pro.

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You can get things like: ◆○◆□▽▽◎▼▽●◇♪♭♯★:sunny::cloud::sunny::hotsprings:︎♤★☆:heart::spades::cloud:︎(^∇^)^-^\(^o^)/!(◎_◎;)ε-(´∀`; )


I already have Kana. Did I mention that already?