Question About Trust Levels


I have a question about trust levels.
Is there a way for me to get Member faster? I have all of the requirements except for using the forum for 15 days, and I really want to be a Member!


Sorry, but you have to be on for at least 15 days to be a Member. There isn't any other way to earn it besides completing all of the requirements. You'll get there soon! :smiley:


11 days to go! xD


You don't have to be on for 15 days. THT changed it, I believe.


What's the time now?


I'm not sure. All I know is I earned member after being active for only 1 day. Not sure.


You did?
I've been on the forum for 4 days...


Isn't that "Basic" (before Member)? Maybe THT changed the requirements for both of them. :thinking:


Nope. I started being active on Dec. 14th, then read tons of stuff, and got Member the next day.


You'll get member super fast if you're really active! I think I got it in 1-2 days. :slight_smile:


I became member on my 2nd day or first x3


@Blurbyblurb hasn't been on for 15 days, yet the acc is a member, I believe


I'm currently Basic...


Try reading more. Also, wait for a few days.


I'm really active, right?


I know I need 15 days.


No, my other account, @Blurbyblurb has only been on for 6 days.


Interesting... @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016, can you explain this?


Try reading more topics and posts :grinning:


I've read a lot! How many days are required?