Question about the surveys on hopscotch



I have a question about the surveys on hopscotch. It is: Aren't the surveys sharing personal info? They are so why do we even do them? Please reply with an answer soon thx!


No. Personal info is:

    Phone number
    Full name


Oh ok! That makes more scence. So, you can just say your first or last name and not your full!?


Yes. Unless your last name is incredibly unique.


What do u mean? Like what @Kiwicute2015?


Baracknopolosian or Alganius or GeraltionshiplasticArugula


Wow that is unquie @Follow4LikesOfficial



Eliquine and Gloquine or Stred, Yolanda, Diliquween too.
Falliokialu, Arkinsawytuquimolie of corse