Question about the forum... :0



I heard @Rawrbear say that off-topicness was now allowed. :0

That's confusing me.... is it actually allowed? (@Liza)

No offence Rawry, I'm just confused...

Honestly, I don't want it to be. This is the hopscotch forum; we should be talking about hopsoctch, not anything. This isn't a regular (hahaha nope cringe) kid's social media.

So.... is this true? I really hope not :0

If it is, though, it's not the end of the world, I suppose. :)


Nope jk XD

-A Confused and Sad-ish Apple


I believe @liza said it's okay as long as the topics are coding-related


I guess its allowed now ;-;
I want the same as you - everything HS related... idk why, but i like it way better like that.


Here's Liza's response to Rawrbear's post (it might help answer your question):


Dun dun dun
Farewell off topic-ness


Thank you so much!!!! Oh thank goodness :00000

Ur awesome!!! :D


if it gets us knowing about others then yeah

haha I'm finding out some very terrible things


Wait wut

Nvm it's answered now


A little is fine.


Happy birthday! :D

You've got a cake next to ur name :0