Question About Subscription?


If I were to post a project with pictures over the weekend, would THT not be able to approve it until Monday? (Or this week it would be Tuesday)

-Madi- :smiley:


¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯ but probably since they wouldn't be working :wink:


That's a very good question. Unless they have a machine or something to see it, no, I dot think they would.


I think it's a machine. I don't think THT goes through everything!


They do. I don't think anyone will be able to use pictures.


WHat do you mean by this?

Plus, there is to many projects to go through every day.. I really think they have a automated system!

Idk, @Rodrigo, @Liza, do you guys go through every single project to approve it?


Yes, they really do have to go through each picture. You have to wait a long time to publish project using them xD


Oh ok, so your saying that they don't look at pictures over the weekend?


I don't think so, since they're not working.




THT will have a lot of pictures to approve xD




Will they stop taking breaks, or will they use a filter?


Filters aren't that complex so far


They can detect faces...




Yes, we approve every image that has pictures.


Wow! That would be much work


That's what I thought :D

Because when mine was rejected I emailed and Liza said she would try to check it :)
That's a ton of work :0


What was in yours that got rejected, @smishsmash?

(If you are ok with saying :grinning:)