Question about profile pictures (read topic if you didn't make your profile picture)


This is a question for everybody who has a profile picture that was made by somebody else.

Did you get their permission to use it?

The reason why this is an important question is because art theft is against the law in some countries. People can easily detect if you are stealing art or not by looking up the picture.

It's not nice to accidentally or on purpose steal art. So please, if you did not create you profile picture, make sure you have permission to use it. Thank you.


I made my profile pic


I dmed my person and they said it's fine k


My profile picture is from a wallpaper site. I credited the maker in my bio, I don't see anywhere that says it's copyrighted or anything.


I made both of mine.


I made mine so I'm all good


No I did not

This is copyright free art


I think it's like those royalty free things


My picture is a sprite from Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, sooo

#11 images couldn't track the person down


Good question. I'm pretty sure I asked @SmilingSnowflakes to use it.


Yes! You did. (*ยด๊’ณ`*)


but people who get their profile picture from google images can go to the image link to find out who made the image

btw: did you create your profile picture, or do you have permission from somebody else?


This topic is specifically for people who "didn't" make their profile picture. Not for people to say they're good because they made theirs.. those are kinda useless posts.


Made mine on a avatar maker site so....
I think I'm good..


Would making your own on an avatar site be okay?


Yep, it is. You and @Artistic_cat are all good :)


No I didn't ask how can I ask nicki minaj??


I didn't make my profile picture my camera did oh no copyright


@Pixelmaster64, I know you are joking but it's okay to use camera pictures
@Currency5097193, You don't need to ask, many people choose famous people as their profile pictures.