Question about OC's


What's an OC? Everyone popular talks about it.


Original character.

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OC can mean 2 things. Either original character or own character. In fact, I made a game where you can make your own if you want! :grinning:


Sorry I'm new here. I love your picture thought:smile:


It's all right! You'll get the hang of it really soon! And thanks, do you know how to change your profile picture?


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OC means Original Character. It's a character that you make with your own creativity and ideas! Also, you don't have to be popular to have or talk about an OC. :3

This is sort of like a SBYP kind of thing, also known as Search Before You Post. There has been many topics like this before. :wink:

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Don't forget, we are all here to help. I was there once (like 2 weeks ago), and everyone helped me and now I understand it super well! We will do the same for you! :grinning:


Thank you! Your such a help and you are so kind!


Thank you are so kind.


Welcome! I hope you have a great time! You can @ me if you need help with coding :D