Question about custom sprites

So I’ve been using a few apps to add custom sprites like custom text and pixel art stuff.

The apps I use have a few stuff I dislike so if anyone knows an app that can help me make custom text and pixel art please let me know. I can’t use PC programs as I’m spending this month in another house.

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If you want pixel art, you can use Pixilart - Free online pixel art drawing tool.
If you want to remove backgrounds, you can go to Upload Image –


I actually don’t usually do pixel art and I’m not sure what others here use but I have heard that the app Pixilart is a great choice for making custom pixel sprites.

I’ve used it’s website which is very helpful for making good pixel art. Never tried the app but it’s probably a good one you could give a try.


For different fonts, I usually search the internet to find online font generators like this one. Some fonts won’t change colors when pasted to Hopscotch, but that’s just something to experiment with :sweat_smile:

I’ve never really tried to make custom sprites outside of Hopscotch, but the ones others have linked seem like they’ll work!


Thanks, but do you know any sites that I can use so I can import sprites with custom text? The one I use doesn’t have so many good fonts

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As far as custom text goes, there are plenty of apps that can do that. Just make your pixel art then import it into almost any photo editing app and you should be able to add your text and select the font type. Hope this helps!