Queenie's AMA topic!


So, before I leave, I want you guys to get to know me better. So this is my AMA topic!! No too personal questions such as:
•Where do you l.ive?
•What's your name?
•What do you look like?

Basically, anything you wouldn't want to be asked, or share on the Internet. So ama!!!


How did you find hopscotch?


By my school. They told us to download it in 5th grade.



Who inspires you?

What projects do you like?

What is/are your fav projects?

Who is/are your fav hops?


Do you like Taylor Swift?
aka me



Who inspires you? My aunt

What projects do you like? Nail salon, Jelly jump

What is/are your fav projects? Ummmm. Auction

Who is/are your fav hops? Poptart, MobCraft Rainboom, Paige and many others. Including you!!


Sorry no, she is well, okay.


omigosh how dare yu ;-; T^T
thst happens irl every day T^T
and this happens a lot too:
me: opens locker
person: sees pictures of tay tay in locker omg why do you have pictures of taylor swift in your locker? how can you like her? her music is so bad ewww
me: ignores and silently fumes
so ya


Sorry I just don't really like her music.


Its not you tay tay, its me.






Lol, obviously, yeah, true, yeah

Wait, wot? :astonished:


Hai fren! :D

Would you like to participate in Systems general topic?


What would you change to HS?