@Qubertion Stole Credit..?




Recently, an unnoticed friend of mine named @996655 made a remix of Smowball Run and removed what caused the lag in it. But: @Qubertion remixed it without giving credit. So: can you give @996655 credit please? Thanks a lot!! :smile:


You might wish to change the topic, as it looks very incriminating. Also, I think one of the Snowball Runs published does say thanks, so I don't think he meant to steal credit.


I have changed the title so it is more forgiving :wink:

I would politely ask him to give credit.


Hmmm... sometimes people forget! We all make mistakes! :wink: Hopefully Qubertion will give credit next time!


It said thanks, but it never said "Credit to 996655 for fixing lag". Don't want to start any fights here or anything!!


Thanks! :smile:

Also, is it not polite? I'll see what I can do...


There! Hopefully that's better! :grin:


Yea, neither do I. I just think that thanks was directed at him.


Thanks, but no credit. :wink:


Beats nothing I guess. But I agree Qubertion should of givin credit. But at least he thanked him.


Yeah, here's a like! :heart:


It's ok, we all make mistakes, maybe they forgot, maybe they was going to say thank you but didn't have time


Here's another like! :heart:


Oh, sorry about this. For some reason I thought I the name in the title... I
ll rename it!


Thanks!!! :smile: