Quality in Featured?


exactly. my features were horrible


Well, I like your “polygonal”…
my first features were terrible! I like my latest features, plus “fruit rain”, “make a bold text” and “snowball run”


I have a theory that supports this phenomena, perfectly. Let me know if you want me to share?

BTW Valgos rainbow draw got like 5k likes in 2 weeks and this was about 3 weeks ago.


I haven’t even got 1k on my latest featured it’s less then 600


I guess me projects are just not feature worthy…


Somehow I have 1.5k on my latest…

Do you want me to share my theory?


Sure… you won’t offend me if your wondering :smiley:


As time goes by people’s expectations of coding rises. People don’t exactly see the amazingness of how little features of games take a lot of work in itself. I believe people are expecting full on 3D games and haven’t quite considered that others can’t do that in a finger click. But when there are art projects people don’t realise that the code is bare but the effect is great. Even though your projects, and lots of others have way more complex code with better results, art is just far too overrated.

Artists I am not offending anyone. Keep up the work, but remember to try new inventions instead of the same old same old.


Yeah art just seems to be taking over HS and as you said the expectation is growing although at the same time some games are getting tapped more than trail arts


I am lucky enough to have my project feautured when it was really hard XD


And it got 6000 likes. Moat projects got that many




That was the average amount


Yeahhh but I meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Yea, Things have changed… A lot. That’s why I was so suprised to get featured on the last project- I wasnt aware


But it was so awesome so you should’ve been aware


No, Sorry for confusion @Dolphin_coders

On my last project ‘Smoothie Maker’ it got 6000 likes which was the average likes for feautured projects. I was so exited because… not many projects got feautured at all! Baerly any

Then on my ‘Welcome to hopscotch’ game, I was shocked it was feautured because the game was low quality. Thats when I realised feautured projects only get 500 likes.


Yeah same that’s all my project got as well… so many people are quitting


I wish the feautured projects were more awesome


How about 3D projection and MC parkour? Featured still is pretty great.