Quality in Featured?


Not exact but looking at the featured projects from about 2 months most projects seem to be in the high 400s or low 500s


One of my features (my only one​:sob:) got 1,000 likes because feature didn't update for a week.


It's ok :disappointed: My 2 features slowly get likes. And I mean very slowly. At least featured is still alive :smirk:


SOrry if it was offensive, I didn't mean it that way, but see, look.
This was from 21-35 weeks ago. There was a lot of time for those projects to get 1000+ likes. Soon, your projects might get that many.


True true.... I've only been on Hopscotch for 2 months, @NindroidGames do you remember if those projects got likes quickly on featured?


They did. They had similar amounts of likes when they were recent.


Well than that is concerning for the newer features then. Maybe Hopscotch is becoming less populated. I hope not, it's my favorite app


It still had the same usual amount of likes then. Those three got more than usual.


Hm ok. Both of Pleasantseashelle's projects got a lot of likes. (Sorry if you don't know who she is, I was a follower) both got in the thousands. Guess they were good.


Well my featured was made close to 20 weeks ago.


Could you give me a link


Actually, I think is the closest you are going to get to the most popular project in the last half year. Which was made by me...


Oh that one, I just got on Hopscotch when that came out, there were rumors according to your posts


Yeah, big controversy thing, nobody cares anymore. Got removed from featured for a few weeks which lightened up the controversy but then it was put back in. Long Story short:Half of Hopscotch still hates me for making this low level of code project THT pat got on featured. All I have to say is THT thought it was worthy so they put it on featured.


50% coding 30% art 20% remixes 10% rp


Valgo is not gone. He is just not really active.


I found that my most recent features have much more likes compared to my first ones.. I think it depends on the project and what time of the year it's published?




30% coding 55% remixes 5% rp 10% art


I know, I meant that,